Hand Poured Scented Candles



Combine two or more of our fruit scented candles to create your own unique aromatic experience.


About Us

Love Dorothy Lee is a family-owned business founded by
three sisters in honor of our late mother, Dorothy Lee. Inspired by her heartwarming stories of strength, culture, and family traditions passed down from her mother and grandmother, we strive to bring the warmth and love that she embodied to
every product we make.

Our mother's life journey, despite her ten-year battle with cancer, was a testament to her grace and love. She touched the lives of everyone she met with her depth of character and warm smile. Every candle we create is a celebration of her legacy.

  • Coconut Soy Wax

    Coconut-soy wax candles are a great alternative to traditional paraffin wax candles, as they burn cleaner with less soot and toxins, and have a longer burn time.

    Additionally, the combination of coconut and soy wax creates a smooth and creamy texture that holds fragrance well, providing a more luxurious candle experience.

  • Hand Poured

    We take pride in hand pouring our candles in small batches, which offers several benefits including greater attention to detail, quality control, and more precise scent blending. Hand pouring our candles is a nod to old school customs and allows for a more personalized and artisanal product.

  • Wicks

    Our wicks are lead and zinc free.

    Lead and zinc-free wicks are environmentally beneficial, as they do not release heavy metals into the air or soil. In addition, lead and zinc-free wicks typically produce a cleaner burn, reducing the amount of soot and smoke created during the candle's use.


    Coconut Soy wax is made from renewable ingredients and are more sustainable than paraffin wax.


    Our fragrance oils are Phythlates free and we do not add dyes/colors to our candles.


    Our glass candle vessel is reusable. After you've cleaned out the sturdy glass, use it to hold or organize items, grow a plant, or for your favorite crafting projects.

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